The Global Challenge
One third of the worlds population faces unreliable or nearly impossible access to electricity. With worldwide energy consumption set to increase 35% by 2035 our exclusive technology is poised to answer the needs of billions.

SeaPower Inc. has identified coal as an abundant resource in many developing nations and obtained exclusive rights to commercially proven coal micronization technology and designed the world's first MICRONIZED-COAL POWER BARGE. Each barge utilizes micronized-coal for fuel to deliver typically 100MW of power per module.

This delivery concept is impossible with conventional coal technologies, which require physically larger boilers to operate.




Our Solution is Unique…
Refined and commercially proven at our land-based facilities, our exclusive technology produces micron-sized coal particles so fine they burn similar to heavy fuel oil in small compact boilers. Compact boilers, about 1/5th the size of standard plants, eliminate the substantial superstructure required for large conventional boilers and allow a coal plant to be barge mounted and towed from U.S. shipyards for delivery to any island or ocean-oriented country.

And Highly Efficient
SeaPower technology delivers efficient power units: featuring shorter construction timeframe utilizing modular units, and highly reliable equipment optimizing operation and maintenance costs.





Cargo – Fixed Power Plant
Delivery Method – Towed
Design –  SeaPower, Inc.
Length – 400' Panamax Barge


Turbine Generator
Bag Houses
Panamax Barge


Power Purchase Agreement
Fuel Supply Agreement
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Performance Guarantees
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