Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Anatomy of a Floating Coal Power Plant

Pulverized Coal Boilers are enormous field fabricated units that must “hang” from expensive superstructures to allow for thermal expansion. SEAPOWER® Micronized Coal Boilers are small modular floor-mounted units typical of those that burn heavy fuel oil; as such, are mountable on vessels or barges.

  • Lower capital and lifecycle costs are realized with modular boilers, reduced steel structure, quicker installation, cheaper fuel, and greater redundancy.
  • Portability allows for construction in modern shipyards with attractive financing.
  • Remote areas can be served with minimal land requirements in an optimal 2x25, 2x50, or 2x100 megawatt capacity.
  • Can also be fueled by LNG (gas) as a primary or secondary fuel as a Barge Mounted Power Plant.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Flame Size Dictates Structure Size

  • Boiler size is directly related to the size of the combustion flame. Our exclusive technology produces micron-sized coal particles so fine they burn similar to heavy fuel oil in small compact boilers. A comparable pulverized coal boiler can be as much as five times larger than a micronized coal boiler.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Coal Micronization Technology

  • Our micronizer technology outputs coal particles on a micron scale; allowing coal to burn faster and more intense in significantly less-expensive, small-scale boilers. Their unique size is what allows the plant to be mounted on floating vessels or barges.